This refillable notepad has a space for a pencil at the top.
You can recycle scrap paper by cutting it to size and punching it with a two-hole punch from Staples.
This handsewn leather lighter holder allows you to keep a length of hemp wick ready to hand to provide a cooler, longer-lasting flame when you need it. It attaches easily to a keychain or lanyard.
Here's a selection of simple yet versatile leather pocket organizers. Use them for pocket knives, bullet pens, chapstick, or a spare key.
This leather iPod holder fits my classic device in its cover.
The iPod can be hung on a drawing table or elsewhere so it's protected and out of the way. Cord management is easy too!
Add a peg to hang your headphones on and you're good to go.
A commission for a military challenge coin. Easy access to your coin for those barroom challenges.
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